Cover for the second volume, featuring Luckyman, Doryokuman and Superstarman, the "Superhero Trio".

The second volume in the Tottemo! Luckyman series by Hiroshi Gamou.

In this volume, Luckyman's adventures get a bit more complex as new aliens are battled, new ways to fight are found, and new friends (Doryokuman and Superstarman) are introduced. This is also the first volume to introduce Tottemo! Lucky Network (とっても!ラッキーネットワーク), a unique feature at the end of the volume where the fans can contribute to certain parts of the comic, and join fan clubs. It also provides information on parts of the manga that weren't revealed before--however, fun filler pages scattered throughout the volume provide this information as well.

LUCKY 11 ラッキー クッキー さてここで問題ですの巻~Edit

Luckyman battles Nazora (ナゾラー), an alien who sends him through a series of game-show-like puzzles. This comic is a parody of a show called Panel Quiz Attack 25.

LUCKY 12 ラッキー クッキー 宇宙一醜い怪獣の巻~Edit

Desuyo sniffs an alien gas and becomes Busaikugon (ブサイクゴン), a dragon-like monster who stands at 50m and has the power to make beautiful things ugly. Luckyman defeats her, and in the process, destroys her clothing. Of course, she turns to Yoichi for new clothes afterwards.

LUCKY 13 ラッキー クッキー 新ヒーロー参上の巻~Edit

Luckyman is challenged to a battle of strength by Doryokuman (努力マン), an alien super hero with a somewhat similar appearance to Luckyman. Luckyman wins the battle with his "Lucky", and Doryokuman is amazed, and wants to learn more from him. Luckyman becomes his "Shissho".

(Note: Doryokuman is introduced in this comic, as a permanent new side-kick and Lucky-Wan's replacement. Lucky-Wan still exists on the character page, though.)

LUCKY 14 ラッキー クッキー 麗しき師弟愛の巻~Edit

Yoichi meets a boy in a karate outfit, named Doryoku Sugita, who looks vaguely familiar in a way. Still used to being alone and with only a vague memory of who he is, he runs away from him. But when Senkaoman (千顔マン), a wrestler-like alien with more than one removable head, invades earth, Yoichi swallows a rakkyo as usual, and Doryoku paints his name in Osugi, a traditional Japanese practice of painting Kanji by sound, not spelling, hence his last name, "Sugita". He sticks the osugi to his chest. The two rspectively become Luckyman and Doryokuman. Luckyman defeats Senkaoman by using professional wrestling moves on him without even noticing--with help from Doryokuman. Luckyman realizes things are much easier with a sidekick.

(Note: Doryoku Sugita's first appearance, Luckyman and Doryokuman's first time fighting together.)

LUCKY 15 ラッキー クッキー ハッピーバースデーの巻~Edit

It's Mitchan's birthday, and Desuyo, Yoichi, Doryoku and Tagaru are invited. Tagaru brings a cake for her, but much to his dismay, there is a much larger cake. The cake is actually an alien called Party Arashiman (パーティー荒らしマン). Luckyman and Doryokuman confront him, and recieve presents. Luckyman tries to reason with him by giving him his present, but it doesn't work. He traps Luckyman in a giant present box which will self-destruct in seconds. Fortunately, as usual, Luckyman escapes, and traps Party Arashiman inside, exploding him and thus destroying him and saving Mitchan's party, until Doryoku opens his present, which explodes into soot in Mitchan's face...and she blames it on Yoichi.

(Note: Doryoku's outfit changes to a karate uniform.)

LUCKY 16 ラッキー クッキー 俺がヒーローだの巻~Edit

After failing to win Mitchan's heart, Tagaru's pride becomes destroyed. He goes walking in the streets and comes across a place that "turns ordinary people into heroes". Tagaru is crazy enough to go in there and get surgery. Afterwards, he comes right back to Yoichi's school and puts on the Medachi Tie (目立タイ), a special neck tie he got after surgery. Amongst putting on the tie, his eyes turn sideways, and he becomes Superstarman (スーパースターマン), a super hero that resembles a 70's glam rock star. He gains the attention of the entire class, which not only brings back his pride, but fulfills his life-long dream of becoming conspicuous. But soon all the attention is drawn to the UFO of a tiny alien, named Futsuu Seijin (普通星人), landing in front of the school. Excited to try out his new super powers, Superstarman leaps out of the window and tries to fly, but just ends up crashing to the ground. He meets up with the alien and is just about to fight him, but before he does, he calls in a television crew to film him and broadcast him on live TV. After a pop-song performance, Superstarman goes on with fighting the alien. He throws a razor-sharp star (superstar cutter) at the alien, but it doesn't reach him, and just falls right between them. The surgery was a hoax; Superstarman doesn't have any super powers. But he doesn't care. The tiny, weak Futsuu Seijin goes ahead and beats him up fair and square. Once again, Luckyman and Doryokuman have to defeat the alien together, but they don't want Superstarman to feel bad, so they pretend that Superstarman defeated him, even though it was really Luckyman and Doryokuman.

(Note: Superstarman and Pegasus's first appearances.)

LUCKY 17 ラッキー クッキー です代って一体!?の巻~Edit

Desuyo's parents are billionaires, so the gang take a trip to her home, a huge mansion/stadium called the Busaiku Dome. Of course, there is a museum with many pieces of art that look just like Yoichi. The gang then goes to the mansion's auditorium, where Desuyo is playing a beautiful piano song....about Yoichi. In the middle of the performance, a bunch of Picasso-painting-esque-aliens invade through the roof and abduct her and Mitchan.

Once again, it is the Superhero Trio's job to defeat these aliens and save the girls.

LUCKY 18 ラッキー クッキー 合体技!の巻~Edit

A continuation of the last comic. It turns out that the aliens are manipulated by a giant clay hand that has the power to draw things, and whatever he draws comes to life. He draws voodoo marionettes of the superhero trio, and makes them start beating each other up. Fortunately, Luckyman starts spinning, which brings enough force to destroy the hand by colliding with it. The girls are saved.

LUCKY 19 ラッキー クッキー 雪山は招くよ!!の巻~Edit

The gang takes a trip the ski park, and try to have a good time, until a snowman-like alien called Winter Sports Man (ウィンタースポーツマン) challenges the super hero trio to a series of....Olympic Winter Sports.

'LUCKY 20 ラッキー クッキー 街を大掃除だ!の巻~'Edit

When Yoichi is forced to clean the school, he witnesses the whole city being sucked up by a vaccuum cleaner-like alien, named Osoujiman (大掃除マン). But Luckyman faces a challenge when Doryokuman and Superstarman become sucked up like the rest of the city. Luckyman frees them from the depths of Osoujiman, fortunately as usual. Luckyman and Osoujiman end up wrestling together, when all of a sudden, Osoujiman is pulled into his own nozzle, and implodes. The day is saved again.


LUCKY 21 ラッキー クッキー 激突!コマ回しの巻~Edit

During a kite festival, Yoichi and Doryoku encounter a kite-alien named Oshougatsuman (お正月マン). Superstarman tries to fight him as usual, but gets glued to the ground, so once again it is up to Luckyman and Doryokuman to defeat him. Tying up Doryokuman with a kite string has given Oshougatsuman the idea of battling by spinning like a top. Luckyman pulls Doryokuman's kite string and the battle begins. Doryokuman needed help, but luckily, as usual, Luckyman becomes tied up and spun as well, and knocks the opponent--and Doryokuman--off the field. As the two were about to give Oshougatsuman the beating of a lifetime, he gets hit by a train. Yoichi and Doryoku then return to what they were doing before.

特別読切 PART 1.ラッキーマン参上!の巻Edit

Yoichi's day starts out, as usual, with something incredibly unfortunate happening to him. This time, many heavy things are dropping on him, each one heavier than the last. He manages to survive each one, until a giant frog, controlled by a giant ninja-like alien called Ninjaman (忍者マン), falls on him. The impact and the frog's weight combined were strong enough to squeeze the guts out of Yoichi's body, thus killing him. Yoichi floats into the heavens and meets once again with the original Luckyman, who jumps into his body, just like the first comic. Now powered up (and giant as well), Yoichi (in Luckyman's body) faces off with Ninjaman. Despite being a ninja, Ninjaman is easily outwitted by Luckyman's "Lucky". An example of this outwitting is: when Ninjaman is about to throw shurikens at Luckyman, a mole digging its way up from underground gets hit instead. Eventually, Luckyman wins the battle, and turns back into Yoichi. Yoichi goes back to his normal life...and then, he gets crushed by something heavy again, but isn't killed.

特別読切 PART 2.オリンピック3本勝負の巻Edit

The Olympics are happening in Yoichi's city...and Yoichi gets pulverized by a javelin, a clay disk and a shot put that flew out of the field. And then all of a sudden, an alien called Seikaman (聖火マン) comes around with them. Yoichi immediately gets up, swallows a rakkyo and becomes Luckyman. The two engage in a boxing match. Seikaman punches hard though,and harder than Luckyman's Lucky Punch. Fortunately, Luckyman still manages to do great deals of damage by landing on oil tanks, which explode on impact. The force of the explosion sends Luckyman flying, which puts an even greater impact on Seikaman. Eventually, he is defeated. Luckyman turns back into Yoichi, and returns to his normal life...but instead of a javelin, clay disk and shot put, he is crushed by an Olympic athlete.

'とっても!ラッキーネットワーク' (Tottemo! Lucky Network)Edit

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