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Cover for the first volume, featuring Luckyman.

The first volume in the Tottemo! Luckyman series by Hiroshi Gamou.

In this volume introduces the adventures of Luckyman, the superhero alter ego of Yoichi Tsuitenai, who is tasked with defending Earth from hostile aliens with just the power of good luck. Other characters introduced include two classmates (Miyo and Desuyo), a dog who can similarly turn into a lucky superhero (Lucky Wan), and an eccentric flamboyant classmate who is obsessed with becoming famous (Medachi).

LUCKY 1 ラッキー クッキー ラッキーマン登場ー!の巻~[]

Yoichi Tsuitenai, a boy cursed with extremely bad luck, is crushed by a spaceship while going to school, and dies upon impact. As his soul ascends to the heavens, a mysterious alien superhero only known as Lucky Man (ラッキーマン) offers to bring him back to life, with one catch: He gets to become a superhero. Yoichi is initially reluctant to accept this offer, but not long before they end up merging together as one, singular being, Luckyman.

Meanwhile, an evil mantis-like alien called Kamakiri-Seijin (カマキリ星人) exits from the very same spaceship that crushed Yoichi. He begins to terrorize everyone in the town, with him especially targeting Miyo, a fellow classmate of Yoichi's and his crush. Thanks to Luckyman however, he accidentally defeats Kamakiri-Seijin with his luck and ends up saving Miyo's life. This causes her to fall in love with Luckyman, blissfully unaware that he and Yoichi are the same person.

LUCKY 2 ラッキー クッキー でた!おやじーの巻~[]

Luckyman has his first battle with Oyajiman (地震・雷・火事・おやじマン Jishin Kaminari Kaji Oyajiman), an alien who set the school on fire with his fire breath.

(Note: Oyajiman's fire makes smoke in the sky, which covers up Kouun No Hoshi (幸運の星 Lucky Star, source of most of Luckyman's good fortune) completely, making this the first time Luckyman has gotten bad luck. Also, Oyajiman's first appearance)

LUCKY 3 ラッキー クッキー 水中でドッキリ!の巻~[]

Yoichi goes to the school's public pool with the rest of his fellow students, and on top of meeting a strange, attention-seeking classmate, he also encounters (and battles) an alien called Hangyojin (半魚人), who is half man, half shark.

(Note: Tagaru is introduced in this comic.)

LUCKY 4 ラッキー クッキー ラッキーマン2号誕生!の巻~[]

Yoichi gets a new T-shirt with fish on it, that attracts a cat-like alien named Neko Nandamon Seijin (猫なんだもん星人), and just when Yoichi turns into Luckyman to fight the alien, a dog (who just happens to be Japan's most unfortunate) swallows some of his Rakkyo. The dog becomes Lucky Wan (ラッキーワン), the superhero dog. Just like Luckyman, he relies on his luck to win the battle. Together, they dig up some gold coins underground, which tantalizes the cat alien, so they start throwing the coins at him. One of the coins actually manages to kill him, only to have him come back as a ghost, and start chasing after Luckyman and Lucky Wan. Fortunately, a mouse crawls into a jar, causing Neko Nandamon Seijin to jump after it, and become trapped in the jar. The dog comes home with Yoichi and becomes his pet.

(Note: Lucky Wan is introduced in this comic, and was Luckyman's sidekick up until the appearance of Doryokuman.)

LUCKY 5 ラッキー クッキー 友情の涙の巻~[]

Luckyman and Lucky-Wan team up once again to fight Ottakiman (オタッキーマン), and alien who has plans to turn Miyo into a statue. However, Lucky Wan sacrifices himself to save her, and becomes a statue instead, but when Luckyman's tear hits his stone face, he turns back to normal, and they win the battle.

LUCKY 6 ラッキー クッキー ハイキングでこりごりの巻~[]

Yoichi goes on a school hiking trip, only to have Miyo and Desuyo get kidnapped by Birdman (バードマン). Now, Luckyman must battle him and save the girls, which have been stowed away in his nest.

(Note: Luckyman's first time using the Chabashira Saber (茶柱サーベル).

LUCKY 7 ラッキー クッキー 最強の敵登場の巻~[]

An evil baron called Saikyou Danshaku (最強男爵) and his disobedient robotic Butler (バトラー) have excaped from an intergalactic prison on a hovercycle, and landed on earth in a small UFO. Their UFO lands on top of Yoichi, unfortunately. Yoichi swallows a rakkyo, but nearly chokes on it from a slap in the back from one of the baron's other robots. Nevertheless, he becomes Luckyman. During the battle, the baron pulls out a big machine. The machine causes dark smoke to pour into the sky, covering up Kouun No Hoshi, causing Luckyman to become unlucky. Nevertheless, he manages to defeat the baron.

(Note: Saikyou Danshaku and his Butler are introduced in this comic.)

LUCKY 8 ラッキー クッキー 復讐鬼再登場の巻~[]

Saikyou Danshaku returns once again after being launched into space by a small rocket,and finds his Butler surrounded by gourmet chefs and robot bunny girls. After angrily forcing the Butler to get back to work, the evil duo go once again to defeat Luckyman. They use the exact same plan as last time, except this time, they're using a rocket to launch Luckyman into space instead. Nevertheless, the evil baron's plan fails and he gets defeated as usual.

LUCKY 9 ラッキー クッキー 運動会3本勝負の巻~[]

During a school marathon, Yoichi and his dog encounter an alien, called Undoukaiman (運動会マン). Luckyman and Lucky-Wan team up one last time to defeat the alien in a series of marathon-like events. (Note: Lucky Wan's final appearance.)

LUCKY 10 ラッキークッキーアニマル大パニックの巻~[]

Moujuutsukaiman (猛獣つかいマン), a zookeeper-like alien with the power to control animals in evil ways, wreaks havoc at the local zoo, and it's up to Luckyman to defeat him.