White Out Man


Shuuseiman/White-Out Man (修正マン)

Character Type:

Super Hero


Sky Blue


Light brown, tipped with white


Unknown, possibly green



Super Power:

Fixing things (such as mistakes, injuries and enemies) using correction fluid

Shuuseiman (修正マン), also called "White-Out Man", is a manga-exclusive character, and a member of the Nai-Nai 16, the Hero Committee's team of 16 elite heroes. He uses correction fluid to white out injuries, and occasionally uses it to attack people.


Shuuseiman, like Tensaiman and Sei-Raman, has a very humanoid appearance. He wears a sky-blue suit with white arms and legs. There is a huge white "W" that goes over his shoulders. on his arms are pictures of bottles of correction fluid that read "しろ" (shiro), which means "white", referring to the color of the fluid. On each knee are two hands holding a red "ワ" (wa), the first sound in the word "white".

He wears a brown utility belt that holds all of his brushes.

He has near-ovular eyes with narrow, cat-like pupils, and thin eyebrows. He has light-brown hair in the shape of a paint brush, with a white tip, with a curl on the bottom-left side. His ears resemble Tombow MONO erasers.