Illust SeiRaman


Sei-Raman (聖・ラマン)

Character Type:

Super Heroine


Blue, plaid, white


Blue, looks like the ocean





Super Power:

Laser beams

Sei-Raman, is a manga-exclusive super heroine, and is the only female in the Nai-Nai 16, despite her name. Her appearance suggests that she has water powers. Though, she can fire laser beams from the two cannons on her head.


Sei-Raman has a very humanoid appearance, like Shuuseiman and Tensaiman. She wears a mostly-blue outfit that appears to be based on the sailor uniform, a type of school uniform that is considered the staple of most anime. It has a flared-out collar that goes over her shoulders, with a white undershirt. The bit of the undershirt that can be seen has the kanji "聖" (Sei), while the blue parts of the skirt have the katakana "ラマン" (Raman), forming her Japanese name (聖・ラマン). The rest of the skirt is plaid grey. She has white boots, and sea shells wrapped around her elbows and knees. She has two wrist bands and a choker that have red and white stripes, the choker bearing resemblance to a life saver.

The two aforementioned "head-cannons" are white with red stripes, and are connected to red and white ear caps, and all attached to a black and white headband shaped like a flying seagull, with a small flashig siren in the middle. Her long blue hair resembles ocean waves. Shells, sea stars, and even fish bait are some of the things that can be seen floating in said hair.


Sei-Raman first appeared as what looked like a boat with arms and legs (then called "Sailor-Man"), and was Luckyman's opponent in the 1053rd Hero Tournament. Luckyman managed to break a huge hole in the body, which contained the real Sailor Man, who was actually a heroine. Luckyman fell head over heels for her, to find out his luck had him facing against a girl.

Sei-Raman then tells a story of how she became a hero..

She tells of when she was 6 years old and living with her 3-year-old brother, Popai. Popai was whiny and cried a lot, especially due to being bullied by poverty, but he knew that his big sister was much stronger than him, and he believed in her. And her father told her that if she wins the Hero Tournament that comes around every few years, she would grow up a great hero. And, the 1053rd Hero Tournament was coming up. So she promised Popai she would become a hero, as long as he doesn't whine again.

So they trained hard, in rain and wind, despite their age or gender. But Popai whined once more, not because of poverty, but rather because she was not allowed in the tournament due to her gender. So, Popai made a suit to disguise her as a man so that she could get in the tournament. Incredibly weak and exhausted, he wished her good luck before finally passing out, and said that he'd watch her on TV.