MangaScan Let'sNiceDance
"Let's Nice Dance!"


Niceman/Nice Man (ナイスマン Naisuman)

Character Type:

Super Hero






White with black pupils



Super Power:

Causing confusion; Music

Niceman is a manga-exclusive super hero, and a member of the Nai-Nai 16. He appears to have a brilliant technique at dancing with castanets, so he fights while doing a graceful dance called the "Nice Dance". He is rivals with Top Man.


Niceman's suit is red, with white arms and legs, not unlike Luckyman. He has the word "NICƎ" emblazoned n the chest of his suit, the "E" being backwards so that it can link together in a stylized manner. Connected to the "N" is a large orange collar that loosely resembles fingers pointing in opposite directions. Emblazoned on the front of each leg is the hiragana "よい" (Yoi) in black. His gloves and boots have points on the cuffs. His boots are actually long sneakers.

His head is white in color. He wears a pink "mask" on his eyes that resemble sun glasses. His eyes are small , circular and white, with tiny black pupils, with 3 eyelashes on the top and bottom. There are 9 spikes on his head that are capable of pointing in different directions. His ears are swirly and orange. His ears, the head spikes and the collar all resemble pointing fingers, because of his trademark (pointing both index fingers in one direction). There is a happy face in his forehead.

Super PowersEdit

Niceman uses his super power to confuse people, and uses a very interesting attack pattern, called the "Nice Dance" (ナイスダンス). He dances and attacks to the unpredictable beat of a castanet song he created. His kick is called "Nice Punch" and his punch is called "Nice Kick". All these unpredictable movements make him very hard to beat.