The Chairman, as he appears in the anime


Hero Committee Chairman (ヒーロー協会会長 Hīrō Kyōkai Kaichō), Chō Ultra Hissatsu Special Man (超ウルトラ必殺スペシャルマン)

Character Type:

Super Hero


Dark Purple


Black (manga), yellow (anime)





Super Power:


The Hero Committee Chairman, born by the name of Chō Ultra Hissatsu Special Man, is the chairman of the Hero Committee (an association for super heroes), and a certified super hero. He has a secretary named Hishoka, and is an old friend of Yonaoshiman. In the anime, he makes his debut in episode 34, and is voiced by Jōji Yanami.


The Chairman wears a dark greyish-purple suit, with yellow boots and gloves. He wears a belt with a buckle that looks like a sun or star, and bears a name tag that reads "会長" (kaichō), which means "chairman". He also has the katakana "エライ" (erai), meaning "great", "high-ranking" or "extraordinary" emblazoned on his arms and legs. He has a round, skin colored head with round ears, with a single curled hair on top. He normally wears a golden crown.

His eyes, nose and mouth respectively look like the katakana symbols "エ", "ラ", and "イ", forming the word "エライ" again.

He wears a white cape, with a dark pink inside, that goes around the neck, and is held on by a blue jewel. On the back of the cape is the Hero Committee's logo, which looks similar to the Hero Planet.

In the anime, he looks quite different. Instead of having a belt and name tag, he simply has "会長" emblazoned on his chest in light-blue characters. The colors of the inside of his cape and the colors of his boots and gloves are switched, making his boots/gloves dark pink and the inside of his cape yellow, and rather than wearing a golden crown, he has a crown-shaped tuft of yellow hair on his head instead.